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Architect, designer, and full stack developer of web things, platforms, and applications. As a full product strategist, my preferred choice of projects is creating from scratch and bringing it to launch. I get things done, and with class and tenacity. The quality product is my legacy.

Need a contractor to fill in the gaps, solve the big problems, join the A-Team? That's me, I dare you to prove me wrong. When our relationship is over, you'll miss me.

Full of energy and personality, able to get along with all types, and provide that extra kick to development teams. Let's be honest, some development teams will never even communicate without a mandatory meeting. I can fix that.

The #1 word used to describe me is persistent. Love to research, create, succeed, and innovate before others. Hiring me to solve bugs all day wouldn't interest me, though you can hire me to lead bug free products.

My email address is reachbannon@gmail.com

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